From requirements gathering and use case discussions to tracking development to running tests to delivery, Azure DevOps covers the various parts of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Whether you’re working in an enterprise shop or a side gig, Azure DevOps can help manage the process of software development. In this talk, we will look at the SDLC and what Azure DevOps has to offer.

Sarah “sadukie” Dutkiewicz is a native Clevelander, Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, published technical author of a PowerShell book, podcast/live coding guest, conference organizer, hackathon lead organizer, speaker, community advocate, software developer, wife, and mom. She speaks on topics such as Azure DevOps for varied audiences, database development, web development, and user experience guidance for developers. With her varied career, Sarah brings developer, DBA, and server admin perspectives to technical and non-technical teams, bridging communication gaps, and helping them grow.