The Find Your Voice Masterclass is all about helping you to unlock your most authentic self and giving you the skills to master the art of confident communication. You’ll walk away from this masterclass with two powerful things:

  1. Practical Voice and Communication Skills
    As a singer, coach, and performer of 20+ years, I have found that a key part of finding your internal voice and finding your ability to express yourself and communicate authentically is by exploring your physical voice. So we’ll dig into the basic (but powerful) skills needed to command the pitch, tone, and volume of your voice, as well as the tools needed to work through anxiety around communicating or performing. These skills are solid gold for any moment communication and confidence is needed: whether that be performing, public speaking, or even in personal relationships.
  2. Mindset Skills using the D.U.E.T. Framework
    This four-part framework, which stands for Discover, Untangle, Envision, Transform, will guide you through rewiring your fears and hurts (those powerful emotional patterns) that create a victim mindset, so you can see both yourself and your environment differently. We’ll go through this powerful framework and process together, and then you’ll have it at your fingertips for any situation you encounter.


Hi, I’m Jenny!
I’m a Life and Mindset Coach that specializes in Communication and Performance. I’ve spent the last 20 years performing as a singer/songwriter, communicating and presenting professionally, coaching in multiple settings, and doing the intensely personal work required to dig my way out of who I thought I was “supposed” to be and discovering the power and freedom that comes when a woman finds her voice and begins to live as her authentic self.
All of my professional experiences and personal battles have culminated in my passion and life mission: to help women to discover their own voices by equipping them with the mindset skills to unlock their truest selves as well as the vocal and communication skills to express themselves authentically.

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