Event Description
Everyone wants to do better with their money, right? But how many of us actually take the time to learn step-by-step what to do to build more wealth, pay off debt, and save for what we want out of life? Join Amy Schultz, Certified Money Coach and Co-Founder of Bolder Money, to learn what financial potential is waiting for you. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create financial security in your life – Feel more confident making financial decisions – Save for short- and long-term goals – Build wealth Jampacked with actionable takeaways, this event is sure to inspire you to level up your financial life and give you plenty of expert resources to help you on your journey.

About Amy
Amy Schultz is Co-Founder and Head Coach at Bolder Money, a company on a mission to make money for humans. Amy’s team of Money Coaches helps their clients build wealth, feel financially confident, and use their money to design the lives they want. Amy is passionate about helping people develop a healthy relationship with money so they feel empowered to make bolder moves in their personal and professional lives.

Offer and signup link:
Bolder Money has worked with financial experts and mindset coaches to create a money coaching membership to help you meet your goals, build wealth, and get more out of life. Get a personal money coach to guide you through practical money moves and help you develop financial confidence. CYP and NEOWIT members will receive 1 month free when signing up for a 3-month coaching package with Bolder Money ($49 savings). Visit to sign up and use code BEBOLDER to claim your offer on the 3-month membership!