We are excited to bring you this partner event – All-Women Virtual Hackathon from March 22nd to March 31st.
Please register for this hackathon at this link:
Open to all women!!
A virtual event to find solutions to end the bias faced by women and to create opportunities to build women leaders.
About this event
Break the Bias by supporting or participating in our All-Women Hackathon
Celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month by getting involved in our All-Women Global, Virtual Hackathon March 22nd – March 31st, 2022.
Join us as
a participant
a mentor
a sponsor
We are opening this up for free to Ukrainian women who want to work in teams of 3 – 5 with the help of mentors to create projects to help find solutions to challenges faced by women in Ukraine, personal, professional, or those who have had to take refuge in other countries.
If this applies to you, please send a message to us at
Imagine a gender-equal world.
A world is free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.
A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.
A world where difference is valued and celebrated.
Together we can forge women’s equality and build and advance women leaders.
Collectively we can all #HackTheBias.

Over 1000 women with both coding and little to no coding experience, ranging in age from 18 to 65+ have worked in teams to develop solutions to various challenges.
Who can participate and what is the commitment?

  • You do not need to have a coding or tech background to participate.
  • You do not need to be an ex-pat to participate.
  • You do not need to have a team to register for the hackathon. We will help our participants form teams.
  • You do not need to have a project idea to participate in this hackathon. However, if you do have a project idea, you will have an opportunity to share it with the rest of the hackathon participants.

As this is a global hackathon with women in different time zones, working full-time at work or at home, you do not have to be available or be online 24/7 from March 22nd to March 31st to participate. Your team and you can work out a schedule and tasks that work for everyone.
Who should participate
Our All-Women Hackathon is open to women across the globe. Work in teams online in the comfort of your home. No coding experience is required to participate in this hackathon. We will have mentors who can assist you with your projects virtually.
Rookie: You have never participated in a hackathon and are curious to see what all the hype is about. You may not have a tech or coding background but are open to getting out of your comfort zone to share your skills and gain experience as a hackathon participant.
Aspiring Entrepreneur: You have an idea for a business/app/service and want to create an MVP at a hackathon and look for potential cofounders amongst the attendees.
Previous Participants: You have participated in our previous hackathons or other hackathons and you love hackathons because of the amazing connections you make, the skills you are constantly honing or acquiring, and the experiences and ideas you are exposed to.
Why you should participate
– Opportunity to use your coding, design, product expertise, ideas, or creativity to find solutions to challenges faced by women
– Network with other professional women and mentors from diverse industries and share knowledge and expertise
– Learn new skills by participating in a hackathon that you can add to your bio, resume, LinkedIn profile
– Access to workshops on topics that will help with your hackathon project and also with your work as a creator, innovator, entrepreneur
– Free tickets to the Empowered – Women’s Leadership Virtual Conference from March 31st to April 2nd
The entire event is virtual and because of the different time zones flexible in terms of participation.
Project Options:
1. Build a functioning MVP ready for immediate use.
2. Develop a prototype concept for an application that can later become a functioning product.
Your projects will be judged by a panel of industry experts focusing on the following criteria.
Does the idea have the potential to impact people?
A clear understanding of the challenge or social problem
Does the idea propose a clear solution to the problem
Is the business model realistic, sustainable and innovative