We’ve all be there – interviewing for a role we think is ‘it’, our dream job or our dream company, wide eyed and bushy-tailed for this opportunity. So, how do we succeed and actually land the job?

Job interviews happen way more often than job offers, so learn from your practice interviews for the job you really want to land. Coming in too eager is never a good look.

Job interviews are a two way street – the company is interviewing you for much more than just your hard skills that you can outline nicely on a sheet (or two) of resume paper. They are also interviewing to find if you would be a good culture fit for the company. Do I want to work with this person every day of every week, likely spending more time with them than some of us spend with our friends (maybe even families)? That question comes across every interviewer’s mind – from the recruiter who initiates contact with you all the way to the hiring manager or decision maker.

Keep the very important aspect in mind – during interviews, the company wants to get to know you. Your technical skills and experience are only part of that bigger picture. Share some personal details about your hobbies and interests if asked so the interviewers can get a sense of what you are like outside of work and the kind of person you might be. Although your dog might be incredibly photogenic, an interview isn’t the best time to start a slideshow on your phone.

Use the interview to get to know the company and the team to determine if you are you going to like working with this person/these people. Will you be able to collaborate with them or does the company even promote creativity and free thinking? Maybe you are more of a data warrior, tied to their headphones kind of employee, and that’s okay just know what you are looking for and don’t be blinded by the shiny latte makers, slides in the lobby, or unlimited PTO (I bet you’d actually take less days off than if you’d have a limited PTO bank).  Always look for a job and company that suits both your personality and your skillset.